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Precision Signing provides nationwide notary services, we operate a network of over 30,000 trusted notaries all across the US.

We are bonded and carry an E&O policy of $1M

The most reliable notary services


Precision Signing provides mobile notary services, whether it be loan signing or overseeing the completion of any other legal document. We specialize in finding the most qualified mobile notary for your signings, even in the country's most rural areas! Whether you are a Title office, Escrow office, or a loan officer, we cater to all of your loan signing requirements.

Here is why you only need Precision Signing as the only notary service you will ever need:​

Nationwide network with easy accessibility

Precision Signing provides nationwide notary services; we operate a network of over 30,000 trusted notaries all across the US. Whether you require loan signing services across state lines or need mortgage documents notarized for moving to a new state, Precision Signing will take care of all your notarial needs. 

Getting documents notarized is also a simple task. There is no need to use your valuable time trying to find an available notary. Please email us or upload your client's details onto our secure platform, and Precision Signing will schedule the appointment within minutes. Our services are available round the clock, seven days a week, making it perfect for urgent and last-minute loan signings. 24/7 means that you can immediately send scanned documents from anywhere at any time.

All of our Notaries are:

- Pre-screened 

- NNA-certified (or comparable)

- Background checked

- Insured & Bonded

Safe and secure

We have state-of-the-art web-based software where you can enter your orders, securely upload documents, and track all the vital details of your closing right from your desktop or mobile device. We are available to do closings 24/7, 365 days a year. 

All your data is 100% safe. We ensure that all private information is strictly protected and is secure. A no-tolerance policy is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture to ensure that personal information never gets leaked or made public in any shape or form. 

At Precision Signing, we follow a code of conduct that dictates how to store, share, and dispose of customer data most securely. Impeccable cybersecurity measures are also set in place and regularly updated to prevent any outside attacks that may compromise customer data. 


Prevent fraud and accurate vetting

The bond of trust doesn't just end with Precision Signing. All our network partners are screened, vetted, and selected to make sure that loan signing or third-party oversight of important documents occurs without the possibility of any errors. We protect our clients against any fraudulent business practices with a 1 million dollar errors and omissions policy.

You get the most professional services with a timely review of all documents, detailed feedback based on accurate and in-depth analysis. Precision Signing is a trusted arbitrator in all kinds of matters requiring notary services.

Precision Signing works with experienced and professional Notaries. 


Customer-centered approach

We pride ourselves on our customer-centered approach as all our services are based on optimizing the customer experience. From the ease and accessibility of submitting your loan documents to getting them processed with exceptional accuracy while meeting deadlines, Precision Signing is your number one notary service in the country. Avail of our loan signing service now by simply following a one-step procedure and uploading your documents through our website. 


Precision Signing is your

“Your Virtual Scheduling Department!”

How We Work


We have streamlined the process to provide expedited services, so you can rest assured that Precision Signing will take care of all your notarial needs.

Here is how the process works:


Step #1 Request signing


Please email us or register on our website and provide the necessary details to request a signing. Since we operate on a nationwide scale, your location or the property's location in question does not matter.


Step #2 Document submission


To get home loans or mortgages notarized, submit your documents onto Precision Signing's secure platform. Our straightforward, intuitive process and takes mere seconds by dragging and dropping the files. You can upload your documents from anywhere at any time.

Step #3 Visit from an NSA at closing


The closing is the most critical part of any deal. Our representative notary signing agent (NSA) will be present as a witness to the closing process (some states require witnesses separate from the notary to be present). The NSA will verify the identity of the signers at the closing, provide a brief explanation of the documents to signers, witness and notarize the documents, and finally, scan and deliver the completed documents for immediate access.

Home loans and mortgage closings require only the best arbitrator. Precision Signing is always committed to protecting all our customers while providing an unbiased assessment of documents and guiding all parties involved.


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How We Work


Nationwide Service

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